Episode 33: Board Meetings | Top 2 Sources of Information

Power Company Podcast Board Meeting

Why only 2?  Because there are 4 of us in this episode!  The whole team sits down for our first Board Meeting together, and discusses the top 2 places where we each get our information.  The internets are full of bullshit information, so it's hard to know when what you're reading has any sort of integrity or validity.  We break it down the way we do, with lots of laughs in between, and let you know where we look to first for the information we believe in.

You've heard from Paul in the podcast, but you haven't heard from Blake yet.  You can learn more about all of us HERE.

Here are some links from the episode, so that you don't have to scour the interwebs to find them...



MoveSmart Podcast

The Performance Podcast

Align Podcast

And one more that we don't mention in the podcast... our guy Paul has an excellent blog at Crux Conditioning with a regular post titled "Bullet Points and Brews".  It highlights articles he's read that week, as well as a good beer.  You should read it every week... he makes it even easier to cut through the bullshit.  

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