Episode 50: A Coaching Masterclass with Lantien Chu

Lantien Chu Power Company Podcast

Lantien Chu is a smiling fountain of wisdom. She's also coach of a high school swim team who has won 21 consecutive state titles. Most important, she's an exceptional human.  

Wait... 21 consecutive state titles? Yes, and the team does it without ever cutting a swimmer, including some who can't swim when they join the team. I'm not even positive that team is the right word. Culture. Tribe. Family.  

That seems like a lot of pressure to endure, year after year, particularly if you're a 16 or 17 year old student. I needed to know how she coached her team, how her team responds, and if any of those lessons could be applicable to climbing.  

Turns out they all are. They're also applicable to being an exceptional human.  

We don't tweet.  We scream like eagles. 

Lantien Chu

Photos by Mei Ratz.  meiratzblog.com